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Grooveshark’s New Survey Interface

I waited quite awhile to blog about Grooveshark’s update to their survey system.

First a quick recap. Grooveshark lets you take surveys to earn points toward a “free” month of their premium services. These services remove ads from your experience at the site or allow you to use Grooveshark on your mobile device to stream virtually any song at any time.

Here is how the survey service worked when it was first launched with paartner Clear Voice https://jasonfleming73.wordpress.com/2011/04/20/earning-points-toward-a-grooveshark-subscription/

Then Grooveshark split with ClearVoice and brought the survey system into the site so that every survey looks and behaves the same.


Which is great from a Usability perspective. This is The Good part of the change.


I’ve been taking these surveys for over a month now and they work quite well. Previously you could tell pretty much which company was trying to get your opinion. But, these new surveys are pretty generic and seemed built to compile a database of your activities and who you are. I’m not sure who is paying Grooveshark to acquire this information or why. But that isn’t even really the bad thing. 


*This* is the Bad thing


I can’t earn enough points to get the premium service I want with the number of surveys they give you to fill out. It is like the well isn’t deep enough to get enough water to drink from. I’m not really sure what to do at this point. I’m guessing that this isn’t going to end up working for them as a business model and they will disband it.

But I certainly hope not. I really enjoy earning a service on the web without paying money for it. So I’ll keep at it for awhile until I start forgetting to look for a new survey or care when I am notified that one is available.


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Earning points toward a Grooveshark subscription

Grooveshark has partnered with ClearVoice, a survey company, to offer listeners another path to a subscription to Grooveshark Plus or Grooveshark anywhere.
Grooveshark plus Vlearvoice

The idea is that you take surveys and earn points toward one of these memberships over time.

The first survey sets your general profile. This gives them an idea of what other surveys to send you. You get 150 points for that one.

Then they email you survey opportunities from time to time.

To get a ‘Plus’ subscription you need 600 points
grooveshark plus logo

For an ‘Anywhere’ subscription you need to earn 900 points
Grooveshark anywhere

The Grooveshark ClearVoice survey idea is interesting, but twice now I have gotten half way through the survey only to be stopped with a message saying

“Sorry, but you did not qualify for a survey at the current time.”

There is no indication of what you answered wrong, or why they did not want you to participate.

I don’t mind this so much. I wasn’t the person they wanted for their targeted survey, but I do think you should get points for starting the survey.

You know how some surveys have an indicator of progress? You should at least progress to a 10% point value for even getting to the question that disqualifies you.
progress bar

Another problem I am having is that the connection between my survey account and my grooveshark profile seems a little muddied. Waiting on tech support right now to clear that up. (14 hours and no word)

This means that on the Grooveshark ‘surveys’ screen it tells me I have the 150 points I previously earned, but then if I click on the update now on Grooveshark anywhere to see what the buyout is, it tells me that there is already a profile associated with my email address. *sigh*

I hope this gets ironed out soon.

Follow Up

If you start a survey and for some reason they don’t need your data then you are ejected from the survey with a message telling you why. Previously you received nothing for this, but now you get 50 points towards your subscription. It doesn’t matter how far you get into it either. Usually they realize they don’t need your data after a minute or two. VERY COOL


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