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Graphic Novel Collection Development

Art isn’t one of the disciplines I collect for where I work. But, Graphic Novels have always been one of my interests. I have been researching what goes into making a Graphic Novel collection for quite some time, albeit on a casual level.

from Scott McCloud’s excellent book Understanding Comics

When I came to my current place of work there were hardly any graphic novels in the collection, and none of what I would consider to be the required titles that any library should have. I’ve kept this in mind over the years and have watched for opportunities to arise where I could help make some changes.

My library subscribes to a book loan program of popular titles that allows us to bring in current titles and let our users check them out. If we determine that we would like to add them to our collection then we can pay a small fee to keep them. As one of the librarians here I help select the books that they will send us. I have been carefully selecting from the catalog they send us monthly Graphic Novels that I believe would be good for the collection. I have also been talking with students and art faculty about what they would like us to have in our collection.

To prepare for the day when I would find an opportunity to purchase graphic novels for the library I have been compiling lists and soliciting suggestions also from Social Networking sites such as Google+ and Friendfeed. The initial list I had of top titles was a great starting point for my latest discussion with an Art faculty member who will be teaching a class next year featuring Graphic Novels.

We met and she indicated from this list which titles she would like us to purchase, and also sketched out a plan for what kind of titles  would best cover a range of topics she would be focusing on in the class. This turned out to mean focusing on characters from underrepresented populations such as African-American women and Native Americans.

When I went to put together the list I first turned to the LSW friendfeed room for inspiration. ( There I found several members who were more than willing to help me with suggestions they were personally familiar with. I spent time looking for reviews of the titles and then compiling a list within Books In Print

She also needed some representative Manga issues to highlight how other cultures tell stories with Art. For a list of some sample issues I turned to a list I have on Google+ called library. There I found several helpful librarians who helped me put together a list of some of the best examples of the style.

I am really excited about adding these to the collection and seeing the students from this class and others use them. I love that there are so many people out there willing to help share their knowledge.


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Attn: GOOGLE… RE: top links in the toolbar of Google pages

*This is a letter writing campaign*

Google moved the ‘Reader’ link off the top of the toolbar on the Gmail page. They tried to do this earlier in the year but it got moved back. As of now you have to click on the ‘More’ dropdown to get to the link.

For some reason the ‘Reader’ link still shows up in the toolbar when you are on the Google Plus page just not on the Gmail or (ironically) the Google Reader page. These links should be consistent across pages obviously, and we would like them to move the ‘Reader’ link back to the top.

Ideally we would like them to give users the option to choose their
top 5 or so sites that they would like to always appear in the Google
toolbar when they are signed in.

Please email everyone you know who works at Google so that you can
help make this happen.

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using a friendfeed widget to embed an rss feed into your website

To create an embeddable RSS feed for your website using friendfeed’s widget’s

1. Create a group (standard, not private)
2. Name the group and import the RSS feed
3. Create an embedding widget for that feed. (
4. Copy code and insert it into your website

Here it is:

View my FriendFeed

*Thanks to Barbara Fister for the idea 😉

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Grooveshark surveys: MIA

This is a followup to a blog post I did a little while back

Earning points toward a Grooveshark subscription

Things were going along pretty well. I managed to earn a month of Grooveshark anywhere service for a month by doing surveys after a couple technical snafus that Grooveshark support helped me with.

But then I hit a wall.

It looks like Grooveshark took ‘Surveys’ out from under the account menu and made a new button for it in the top right menu bar. But, I wouldn’t know because at that moment I stopped being able to see any link to surveys at all.

It just dissappeared.

After many emails and tweets back and forth with Grooceshark Help. They came to the determination that it is a rare problem that they will need time to figure out. Unfortunately I am guessing that this will mean that I won’t be able to conmtinue with the program until they resolve it.

I am still receiving emails to take surveys, but every time I follow the link it takes me to

That screen gets completely hung up and just continually displays a LOADING message

perpetually loading

So in the meantime all these available surveys are going to pile up in my Inbox

I am ambivalent now, but I will be frustrated as soon as my current subscription runs out next week

Followup: After some back and forth with support they agreed to take my case and sent it on to the survey site ClearVoice for troubleshooting. While I waited for Surveys to be restored, Grooveshark very kindly gave me a month of free service. Within a week the surveys had been restored and I am happy to say are available to me now.

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Earning points toward a Grooveshark subscription

Grooveshark has partnered with ClearVoice, a survey company, to offer listeners another path to a subscription to Grooveshark Plus or Grooveshark anywhere.
Grooveshark plus Vlearvoice

The idea is that you take surveys and earn points toward one of these memberships over time.

The first survey sets your general profile. This gives them an idea of what other surveys to send you. You get 150 points for that one.

Then they email you survey opportunities from time to time.

To get a ‘Plus’ subscription you need 600 points
grooveshark plus logo

For an ‘Anywhere’ subscription you need to earn 900 points
Grooveshark anywhere

The Grooveshark ClearVoice survey idea is interesting, but twice now I have gotten half way through the survey only to be stopped with a message saying

“Sorry, but you did not qualify for a survey at the current time.”

There is no indication of what you answered wrong, or why they did not want you to participate.

I don’t mind this so much. I wasn’t the person they wanted for their targeted survey, but I do think you should get points for starting the survey.

You know how some surveys have an indicator of progress? You should at least progress to a 10% point value for even getting to the question that disqualifies you.
progress bar

Another problem I am having is that the connection between my survey account and my grooveshark profile seems a little muddied. Waiting on tech support right now to clear that up. (14 hours and no word)

This means that on the Grooveshark ‘surveys’ screen it tells me I have the 150 points I previously earned, but then if I click on the update now on Grooveshark anywhere to see what the buyout is, it tells me that there is already a profile associated with my email address. *sigh*

I hope this gets ironed out soon.

Follow Up

If you start a survey and for some reason they don’t need your data then you are ejected from the survey with a message telling you why. Previously you received nothing for this, but now you get 50 points towards your subscription. It doesn’t matter how far you get into it either. Usually they realize they don’t need your data after a minute or two. VERY COOL


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Suspicious Links via email: “Mom! Dad! It’s evil! Don’t touch it! “

While they (phishing emails) might not be immediately deadly, you can be sure that they are EVIL.

Last month I talked about suspicious links in emails and warned not to click on anything in an email that wasn’t initiated by you.

That was *before* the exposure of your email address via companies you love and trust. This is because a group (or individual) hacked into Epsilon, a service that many companies contract out to for marketing.

This means that you will receive emails today, or for the foreseeable future, from these companies and you will have no way of telling whether or not they are legitimate (or at least no easy way). And the list of companies affected is very long indeed.

I heard this morning on APM Marketplace Tech Report that one potential scheme might be to send out fake emails talking about the data breach trying to convince you to sign in to X company to change your password.

I think the only safe thing to do is to not click on any link in emails you receive. Unless they were somehow initiated by you. Here are some examples:

1. Password reactivation
2. You are getting confirmation for something you initiated (purchase, subscription etc…)

Phishing emails that look like they are coming from these companies will be in the form of warnings, offers, or generic protection offers.
Clicking on the link could be bad, but entering in your password to a site that you have gone to through the link could be worse.

Here are some more tips from PC Magazine. I think the most important tip in the list though is:

“Don’t click links in e-mail purportedly from your bank. If the message warns of an account problem that needs your attention, launch your browser and go directly to the bank’s site.”

This is a good idea for any company, not just for banks.

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