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Library Catnip

Wow. This is awesome. I really want to clone this for our library 🙂





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Note Taking

There are no answers here.


I continue to see articles proclaiming the benefits of taking notes by hand.

Here is the latest from the Wall Street Journal:

Pen and paper

That is all well and good. And truth be told I LOVE taking notes by hand. I love the feel of the pencil/pen and paper. I love that it is easy to come by. It doesn’t take any extra technology to make it work.

The problem is that I am left with the paper afterwards. Inevitably I feel like I have written something down that makes the entire paper worth saving for some unknown period of time.But when I do take a closer look I find that any information it contained is out of date and that it has just been cluttering my desk this whole time.

Another problem is that a single piece of paper is made meaningless when taken out of the context from which it was made.Sure this can be remedied by adding some metadata to the header of the note or keeping a filing system. But that branches out into a madness I am not willing to engage in.

I have dabbled with using Google Docs to keep a typewritten record. And this does show the promise of find-ability (full text search)  But that doesn’t make my writings any less mostly garbage within a certain amount of time. And that is because taking notes is mostly a tool for learning. As you rewrite what you hear you have encoded something slightly more into your brain than if you had just heard it. (Auditory vs. Visual learning)

HP Tablet PC running Windows XP (Tablet PC edition) (2006)

Recently I have had the fortune of being able to use a Surface Pro 4 which comes with a stylus and One Note integration. I have had some success using this to write with, but I haven’t always been able to read what I wrote down when looking at it later on.

I do feel like if I worked at this hard enough there might be use just for a device for learning and then being able to easily dispose of it afterwards. If I could find a method of converting my free text notes into searchable text using some OCR then that might be ideal.

Still the problem comes down to another barrier. A device to be charged and signed in to vs. a piece of paper and a writing device…


More to come, I hope.

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Not promising a new start

This is not a dusting off and promising a new step forward towards blogging more. This is just an incidental browsing and remembrance, a wish to add a touch and maybe update a line or two.

Our children are getting older but are still quite young

My job is going well and I am happy to be doing library projects

We are somewhat settled in the area

Busy, Busy

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Grooveshark’s New Survey Interface

I waited quite awhile to blog about Grooveshark’s update to their survey system.

First a quick recap. Grooveshark lets you take surveys to earn points toward a “free” month of their premium services. These services remove ads from your experience at the site or allow you to use Grooveshark on your mobile device to stream virtually any song at any time.

Here is how the survey service worked when it was first launched with paartner Clear Voice

Then Grooveshark split with ClearVoice and brought the survey system into the site so that every survey looks and behaves the same.


Which is great from a Usability perspective. This is The Good part of the change.


I’ve been taking these surveys for over a month now and they work quite well. Previously you could tell pretty much which company was trying to get your opinion. But, these new surveys are pretty generic and seemed built to compile a database of your activities and who you are. I’m not sure who is paying Grooveshark to acquire this information or why. But that isn’t even really the bad thing. 


*This* is the Bad thing


I can’t earn enough points to get the premium service I want with the number of surveys they give you to fill out. It is like the well isn’t deep enough to get enough water to drink from. I’m not really sure what to do at this point. I’m guessing that this isn’t going to end up working for them as a business model and they will disband it.

But I certainly hope not. I really enjoy earning a service on the web without paying money for it. So I’ll keep at it for awhile until I start forgetting to look for a new survey or care when I am notified that one is available.

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When next I write a blog post I will be the father of three. We currently have a 4 year old son, and on Friday my wife will be giving birth to twins; a boy and a girl. 😉

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blog problems


I am in a bit of a transition. This blog used to be on blogger, and this is part of a trial period where I see if wordpress meets my needs. It was originally a personal blog, and maybe it should remain that way. I had a space for a professional blog, but then I transferred it too a work domain. Now that I am leaving that job I don’t feel it is a good idea to continue posting new content there. Maybe I should try to port that blog out of there and back into the public domain.

Really this post is me just talking through a problem and coming to a decision.

Photo by: Ben Smith. Some rights reserved

thank you for your help blog post.

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word press

test picture

Trying out using wordpress as a blogging platform instead of blogger

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