course adjustment

We had a major life event almost 2 months ago. My wife gave birth to our new children, a set of twins named Emma and Jensen. They have been great and mostly trouble free so far. *knock on wood*

Jense and Emma napping

We have been able to transport all children successfully in our current vehicle, a Lincoln Town Car, but we are definitely looking to purchase a minivan as soon as we can figure out how to buy one. (within a year I hope)

Our routine is working out pretty well, but it does mean that we haven’t been getting as much sleep as we need. I estimate that I get an average of 5 hours of sleep a night. Unfortunately there is no way to predict whether it is going to be a good night (6 hours of sleep) or a bad night (3 hours of sleep) but we adapt as necessary.

I have started the process of returning to work, and that has been working out pretty well. Except for the part where my wife doesn’t get much time at home to do anything other than care for the children.

My oldest son seems to be adjusting well, but you can definitely tell when he thinks you aren’t paying him enough attention.

Siler sporting a bagel moustache

All in all though we are doing well. Having friends and family visit us has been a major help. Their visits have given us the opportunity to catch up on chores around the house and breathe.



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3 responses to “course adjustment

  1. I wish we could come and visit and help. You live too far away!

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