Grooveshark surveys: MIA

This is a followup to a blog post I did a little while back

Earning points toward a Grooveshark subscription

Things were going along pretty well. I managed to earn a month of Grooveshark anywhere service for a month by doing surveys after a couple technical snafus that Grooveshark support helped me with.

But then I hit a wall.

It looks like Grooveshark took ‘Surveys’ out from under the account menu and made a new button for it in the top right menu bar. But, I wouldn’t know because at that moment I stopped being able to see any link to surveys at all.

It just dissappeared.

After many emails and tweets back and forth with Grooceshark Help. They came to the determination that it is a rare problem that they will need time to figure out. Unfortunately I am guessing that this will mean that I won’t be able to conmtinue with the program until they resolve it.

I am still receiving emails to take surveys, but every time I follow the link it takes me to

That screen gets completely hung up and just continually displays a LOADING message

perpetually loading

So in the meantime all these available surveys are going to pile up in my Inbox

I am ambivalent now, but I will be frustrated as soon as my current subscription runs out next week

Followup: After some back and forth with support they agreed to take my case and sent it on to the survey site ClearVoice for troubleshooting. While I waited for Surveys to be restored, Grooveshark very kindly gave me a month of free service. Within a week the surveys had been restored and I am happy to say are available to me now.

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  1. I have been going back and forth with Grooveshark Help for a week now. I can’t even access the first survey with getting an error message that says my account has something wrong with it. I’ve tried multiple email addresses on multiple computers. Hopefully my story will end happily as yours did. If the surveys in my Inbox expire I won’t be a happy camper.

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