Libguide Training Followup

Here is a brief description of the Libguides Training I gave today at work. Documenting the steps I took so Librarians can complete their assignment by the next time we meet in two weeks. (Update Profile, and make a Guide)

Go to Libguides Page

Click on ‘Admin Sign in’ and login

1. Update your profile

-click on link: Customize Your Profile
-add:name, email, phone #, Subject Specialities
-upload profile picture

2. Create New Guide

-click on link: Create New Guide
-choose option “Use an existing guide as a template”
-type in Nursing to search and wait for area to be populated by ‘Nursing Guide’ and SELECT

-Enter information in Guide Settings Area: Guide Title, Description “A guide to XXXXX Resources at Barton College”
-Click on Button:Create New Guide

As discussed earlier we are going to use the Nursing guide as a template because it contains an agreed upon structure that will serve as a template.

It also contains concrete examples for each page which can be easily modified in most cases

We decided to make each other editors on our own Guides. To do this click on Guide Settings in the command bar at the very top of the page.
Choose the selection: ‘Co-owners, Editors, and Collaborators’. In the popup it is easy to add Editors for the Guide.

Here is a list of the Pages/Tabs we are going to use, they mirror the tabs used currently on our library’s homepage:
-Articles Plus
-Books & More
-Journal Info
-Other Resources

Examples of how to modify content boxes:
*For the Quick Search box on the Articles Plus Page/Tab
-Navigate to your subject’s current databases page and right click the webpage choosing “View Page Source”
-Find code for Ebsco Search Box and Copy it
-On Libguide Find box and click on “edit text” (at the bottom of the box)
-This is a ‘RichText/Dynamic Content.Scripts’ box so choose the ‘Tab Plain-Text Editor’
-Select All and Paste Code in Clipboard
-Click: Save and Close

*Spotlight on Books box on Books and More Page/Tab
-Delete the books currently there by clicking on the wrench screwdriver cross icon next to each book
-Click Link:Add New Book
-Enter book information from Catalog:Title, Author, ISBN, Catalog URL, Cover Art, Description
-Click Button: Save Book

*RSS feeds on Journal Info Page/Tab
-Find an RSS feed of Current Issues or ToC from a relevant journal and copy it
-change Title of Box by clicking on edit link on the top of the RSS content box
-Click on Edit RSS feed link at the bottom
-Paste RSS feed in Clipboard

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