Google’s +1 vs. +Like (Facebook)

I opted in to the experimental stage of Google’s +1

screenshot of Enrolling in Google's plus one experiment

Opting in to Google's +1

I haven’t used it very much yet, but I was starting to think of how it would be used.

It seems to me that if you are searching for something you click on links and examine the content of the result.

When you don’t find what you want then you go back to the search results and keep looking.

That brings me to what may be a problem with the service:

If you find the information you need then you are probably going to 1. read it, 2. act on it, 3. share it in some other manner (facebook, friendfeed, twitter etc…)

The last thing you are going to do is go back to the search results page to press a button indicating that you like it

example of a +1

"+1'ing" a search result

In fact you are much more likely to -1 something that didn’t address your needs.

I know there is general sentiment against unliking items, posts, sites because of the potential misuse. So I won’t really recommend that here. I just wanted to point out the “workflow” of the process.

I think it is a great thing to be able to see what others have indicated is a valuable service when searching. In fact that might be the reason the new’er’ service +Like might be the true future of this kind of service.

I say that because the moment of Liking a post or search or page is separate to the searching experience. It happens once a user has found the page they want and they go off to share it with the world through Facebook.

So once you have installed this extension your search page loads and there are places to share the result (like with Google +1) but there are also indications of how many times a page has been shared on Facebook altogether. But, the really important part is that it shows which of your friends have shared certain pages.

example from the +Like service

"+Liking" a search result

What would make this better is a tie in with all of the social services I use, and not just facebook. Not everyone I want advice from uses facebook to share pages on topics that I am searching for.






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