Say No to suspicious links

I picked up a copy of Wired’s latest magazine and glanced at it quickly while waiting for my computer profile to load.

The current issue focuses on the Computer Underworld. There was a section in it highlighting past exploits that have infected user’s machines.
Wired Magazine Feb 2011

One of these was the Bugat virus which infected many user’s computers when they received an email allegedly from LinkedIn asking them to login and update their account.

This got me to thinking.
54/365 office

Social networking sites should stop providing links in their emails, or at least provide some way to opt out. I could request that sites like Facebook stop sending me notifications, but I would like to know when something has happened requiring my attention.

So, just like I won’t commit to anything over a phonecall initiated by a company, I’m not going to click on a link within an email from a company.

Sorry, I just don’t trust you

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