Social Media Presence

I met today with the Director of the Library and some coworkers. We talked about the different social services we use and I made the case for adding twitter to the mix. This was well received by everyone.

I made my case to include the following in tweets.

  • Events
  • Reminder about services that are offered by the library
  • feed from blogposts
  • feed from Facebook announcements
  • RT announcements of local interest
  • collection descriptions
  • send out surveys
  • Highlight library resources

We decided preliminarily that it would be an interactive twitter account.

We then decided how the different services should relate to each other, what writing voice we should use for each one, and how often posts should be made.

Here is a chart visually illustrating how we are going to set everything up

Social Media Presence Flowchart


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2 responses to “Social Media Presence

  1. stacey e

    oooh ! I love this flowchart! this is how I envision the social media hierarchy we’re working on for LW. I really like how you noted posting limitations and which voice would be used for each service. Excellent! 😀

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