Google 2-step verification

So I took the plunge and turned on Google’s two step verification process. I am only a day in and I can already say that it is much smoother than I had imagined.

To get started they ask you a bunch of questions and you have to download an app if you are using a smartphone to complete the verification process.

I am using an android so I will describe that process

Once everything is set up and you have given it a backup phone # (to text a code to in emergencies) then you are (almost) set to go.

*One quick note. I used my wife’s phone as the backup (whoops still need to tell her) because I can reach her pretty much all the time by any phone or computer.

Okay, so you turn it on… and all of a sudden you are signed out of *everything*

You freak out slightly (if you are me) because your phone keeps asking for your password and it won’t accept the one you are giving it (even though it is correct)

That is because they have a special one time only mega secure password that they will generate for you from a web browser.

Once you figure that out it is pretty clear sailing.

Now any time you want to log in to Gmail you enter your password like normal, but then it asks you for a verification code

Load up the smartphone app and it instantly gives you one.

Once you have done that you are good to go.

One reason I waited twentyfour hours to turn it on for is that I had a hard time finding anything saying you could turn it off if you wanted.

Eventually I just did it, assuming there would be. Here is a screen shot of what you see in your account settings after you have turned it on. SO rest easy it is simple to go back (but why would you?)

So stop fretting and dive on in.

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