Introducing a new look

I started my job here at Barton College in August of 2010. My goal was to make the library website fit in stylistically with the rest of the college within the first 2 months. This was complete successfully and was a big improvement, but I also wanted to make the user experience of the site a better one overall, and to add new features that would provide benefit to all users.

My goal was to complete a design draft, do usability studies, and finish card sorting exercises by the time the semester was over in December.

Once this was complete I could work during Jterm (most of January) on transitioning the site into production.

When I was confident that everything would go smoothly I turned it on for the first day of classes of the Spring semester.

Rodney Lippard (our Library Director) announced the change to all employees a the college assembly a day before classes started. He also let everyone know that they would receive an email invite to come to the library where we could go over all the changes in as much detail as they desired.

With the help of Ann Dolman (Public Outreach librarian) we set up the session times and I got to work on a presentation.

Here is the format we settled on:

1. Watch new video directed a few months ago by Steven Stewart (Circulation Supervisor) 1:04

2. Short powerpoint presentation to talk about why we changed things, and to highlight individual components 7:00

3. Switch to the actual website and show them the following 7:00
a. new pages

b. demonstrate dynamic sidebar navigation

c. show where information resources were moved in the center column

d. Highlight new features: new books, hours, news blog, chat widget

demonstrating new webpage

4. Answer questions


So total the presentation lasted about 15 minutes which I think is about right, and we got the chance to highlight the features of our Promethean smart board at the same time.

Here is a comparison of the general look between the previous site and then new one (new on the right)

comparing the old and new looks

As you can see the primary impetus was to move all content onto one viewable screen
Check out the website!

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