So, I put off installing the cat door for awhile (3months). But, in an effort to reclaim the dining room by this weekend (son’s Birthday party) I dove in to the project this morning head first. I looked at the pieces and read the instructions several times before making my move.

The instructions consisted of no words, and only 12 Figures.

I didn’t let this stop me. I figured it would all come together in the end.

First step measure distance from floor to underbelly of cat. This measurement would translate to the bottom marking on the door. The problem here was that we had 3 cats. I gambled and chose the smallest cat to measure.

The next problem was gaining her cooperation. Even with the help of my wife this wasn’t very successful. In the end it turned out to be more of a guesstimate I think.

I then calculated the center of the door and made some preliminary markings for a 10 1/4″ hole. Then I made an actual circle using the enclosed template.

drawing a circle on the door

Next I had to drill a hole and use a jigsaw to navigate the lines I had made. This went a little better than expected, except for the fact that it didn’t cut all the way through.

side one complete

This meant making another set of calculations on the other side of the door and repeating the process. Okay well at least the hole was complete…

glad that is done

The next part involved assembling the inner lining and one side of the door and then merging it with the other side through the door.

THIS… this did not go so well. The insert kept coming off and I couldn’t line up the two halves through the door to make a connection. I tried for awhile and even got my wife to help to no avail.

Finally she suggested calling the company for help. Not sure what they could do over the phone but I had no other alternatives.

The customer service representative was pleasant and listened to my description of where I was stumbling with the project.

Her first advice was to tell me it was kind of a “two person” type of job. I explained that I didn’t really have two people to work on this (my wife is very pregnant right now and not up for bending over too much to that level) SO she told me about this video on line they had made and how the key seemed to be TAPE.

I had thought about tape before, but I was really trying to make it work using their directions.

She told me that if I just google Petsafe “Big Cat” instructions I would see the video on Youtube.

I took her advice and watched the video

So the key to installing the pet door seems to be:

  1. Taking the door of the hinges
  2. Using copious amounts of tape at different points

I also noticed in the video that she suggests you have plenty of DIY skills (AKA: hire a professional)

Well I have the hole cut already so I think I am okay leaving the door attached to the frame. Tomorrow I will tackle it anew with a fresh roll of tape.

So, I am wondering why they didn’t include a link to the video in the first place, or suggest the use of tape in certain places. I wonder how many people run across this same problem?

Apparently a fair number judging by the Amazon reviews for this thing:

“For the money you pay, you get two pieces of plastic door molding, a thin plastic door, and 2 plastic strips…oh and a fun hour or two of trying to do with 2 hands what you should have 6 for. There goes 1 star.”

Another reviewer calls it an “Abomination”

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