Labels for Containers

A friend suggested examining what is in the container before actually deciding what to name it. So I put together this check list. (Let me know if I am missing anything)

1. Resources that you own
2. Resources that you don’t own
3. Resources that you lease
4. Resources that you could borrow
5. Physical Resources
6. Electronic Resources
a. located on your servers
b. located on someone else’s servers

Next! Propose labels for the search interface.

but, wait…

Which of the labels you just proposed is the most meaningful to your user population?

..and how do you go about determining this.

I would suggest starting out with a survey of the user base and have them suggest different labels to use

Then put together several mockups of your site with these labels and perform some usability testing

Do the users click on the appropriate link to get to the resource you are asking them to look for?

Be sure to check out the rest of your site to see if anything that is currently there creates unnecessary confusion.

There will never be a complete 100% consensus, but you have to choose a label that will ultimately direct your patrons to the right resource in the least amount of time possible.

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