Traveling at different speeds, I always seem to arrive at the same time. The only thing i can be is delayed. Usually it’s construction on the road, sometimes the traffic just jams up.

[Bob Burman, race car driver] (LOC)

Driving in my car

There is a Light That Never Goes Out

I don’t know why but i am obsessed with finding a midpoint. For some reason I want my commute to be exactly an hour. In addition I want to know when I have exactly 30 minutes left to go.

While looking for the fastest way to work I’ve tried several different routes, but none seem better than the one I started with.

On Tuesday and Thursday i have to pick up my son from daycare. If we are late at all they start charging a couple dollars a minute. That means I have no room for error in regards to my departure time.

It has been almost a month working here and the commute seems to be working out fine. The only problem has been that I want to take the trash to the local dump on Wed. mornings, but if my son wakes up around 7:00 I feel obligated to take him to school instead so my wife can sleep in on here day off. Not a big problem it just means stinky trash.

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