day in the life

Here is my account of my Day in the life on a Friday for a Librarian working in IT

7:10 rousted from bed by a child demanding play time
7:30 successfully had my toddler brush his teeth and use the ‘potty’
7:40-8:00 play legos, and draw
8:00-8:30 make pancakes and coffee
8:45 finish up eating with the Toddler send wife and son out the door
9:00 sign into work
9:10 call back Music library talk with them about a report they need for a circulation report. How many books circulated by what kind of patrons at this library by classification code and collection for a certain time period. “Oh, and could you tell us what was was circulated within our call# range at a different library” Me: “sure thing”
9:15 log in remotely to work computer and start checking email. nothing much here yet. (But that is probably because I answer work email late into the night)
9:20 start reprocessing catalog records for project to subtly change the URL for 50,000+ records
9:40 start tinkering with Music library SQL to see if it will be a quick thing or something to think more about when I have more time. They gave me a deadline in early Feb. So I have some time to work on it if needed.
9:50 occasionally poking into SM to update friends about what I am doing, or poke fun at them
10:00 deciding that maybe I should right a day in the life post
*saving draft now*
10:15 Reading through RSS feeds in Google Reader

-Google’s integration of personal SM circle information in search results
Added sources to pull from in my own profile
-Forwarding blog post to Listserv about augmented reality in libraries
10:30 made coffee (ate another pancake)
10:45 checking on final load into catalog, ready to wrap this project up
10:50 tweaking with Music SQL query. Thinking that I’ll suplpy this forst part and get to the second part a little later next week
11:00 Listening to podcast from Adventures in Library Instruction
11:10 checking my email, wondering where everyone is this morning. Maybe they are prepping for the giant winter storm (snowpocalypse)
11:15 Wishing my connection was better so I could watch Chrystie Hill at TEDxColumbus
12:13 finished loading all those records, and double checked to make sure they processed correctly. Staff notified.
12:30 Spoke with consortia about New Storage software
12:55 Wrote email outlining proposed workflow concerning new Storage software
1:00 Thinking about lunch….
1:15 talked with acquisitions staff about workflow concerns with automated process for virtual bookplates. Offered suggestions and requested more information
1:30 Call with Head of Storage to work through workflow plan and come up with points for immediate automation. Worked out a temporary plan to get us going with this new software
2:00 Lunch! Chicken Corder Chowder for me and I made a vegetable infused Ramen for my wife.
2:25 Watching Dog Whisperer and fending off cat who is trying to knock my bowl of soup sown
2:40 back to work trying to get something set up for storage rep to send a file nightly to us for modification
3:00 working on macro to process files for unresolved OCLC reclamation load
3:20 details with UFSMU query, adding in the LC class
3:30 back to normalizing the unresolved OCLC reclamation files to one type of format for processing
4:11 this is taking longer than anticipated, but almost done
4:30 Done, but leaving early to get our son from school and stock up on some supplies before the big storm tomight

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