future of ebooks (not ebook readers)

concerning Apple’s agreement with Publishers: I’m afraid it doesn’t make me happy to hear that publishers are delighted to enter into an environment where they can increase the price of the books they sell at will.

“The iPad may offer an even more attractive prospect: the chance to reset the downward spiral in e-book prices.”


I thought Itunes’ “thing” was offering content at one price (.99 per MP3) I undertand that for books with more content (video etc…) you charge more. but they already have that model in their music store as well. For enhanced audio you pay 1.29.

Why can’t they go ahead with that model and push forward?

$9.99 for just the text
$19.99 for books with additional content

With both versions always available.

None of this claim of additional content upcharge and then you find that the extra content was skimpy. No, I will always want a text only option.

After all that is what I really want in a book. Text, words…

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