on the importance of being earnest

No, I’m not talking about trying to actually be someone else. -and-
No, I’m not talking about trying to be yourself.

Well maybe I am to a certain extent.

I’m really trying to write about the art of being yourself, but to a limited extent. Trying to find the online you. The persona you want to present to the world for all of time. -or- at least the part of the authentic you that will offend the least number of people, and make the most number of people happy to know you.

I was having a conversation with my wife last night about whether or not children growing up today into (what do they call it now?) the I generation have the capacity to think about how they present themselves virtually right now, as opposed to 10 years from now and how they would have wanted to present themselves back then.

I just befriended a younger cousin on Facebook today and I was a little shocked (but not too much (come on)) to see that their profile pic is of them consuming an alcoholic beverage. Now, I’m not saying that this act is inappropriate to who they are now. What I am saying is that in 10 years they will be trying to get a job somewhere and they will realize that they can’t undo that picture they posted 10 years ago.

Maybe this slew of advertising will help, where you have celebrities urging teens to think before they tweet (or some other means of pushing Social Media content). But I don’t think it will. They are just too caught up in the moment and can’t imagine their future, let alone one that will be so constricting as to limit their freedom of expression.

Of course there is a link to parenting. Maybe if we put all are money into making sure children have a good home with responsible authority figures then that will take care of most all of our other problems.

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