How does one even start a mix nowadays?

When I think about it I reflexively turn to Itunes and pick a song to seed a genius list.

*Really* I would like to put new material on it. Which means a lot of listening to DJs / Radio stations etc… -and- then I’ll have to find the songs to put together into a mix that I can burn onto a CD.

Alternatively I could use a site like or (someone forgot to tell me that favtape is dead) to put together a virtual mix. The problem is I can share it easily with friends but they can’t really take it with them. YET. I foresee in the not so distant future that we will be able to easily listen to such mixtapes because the internet will be so ambient that we take it for granted.

Just came across this in a paragraph from the author of Border Crossings

“So this year my retrospective will be posted here. And rather than post the entire mix, “liner notes” and album artwork in one long post I have decided to devote one post to each song. Furthermore, I’m going to try to distribute the music itself. I researched the various sites out there that would host a mix without copyright violation and this seemed like the best of the bunch. Be warned though, one of their stipulations of their contract is that the order of the mix will change each time you listen to it. That seems sort of antithetical to the purpose of a well-crafted mix of songs, but it’s the best I can come up with. I will however try to link to other online locations of the tracks  in each post, whenever possible.” –

I think it is interesting that the author is willing to let go of the order of the mix to put the music online for others to enjoy.

Isn’t the order of the mix holy. Don’t songs blend into one another to create a message?

Maybe this is part of what we will give up.

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